Books In Schools FAQ


Books in Schools is an interlibrary loan service which lends large quantities of books to all schools for monthly periods. Grades K-12 are serviced.


The Middletown Township Public Library has a collection of over 260,000 titles. This is advantageous for classrooms at a time when school library budgets have been drastically cut.

Who Benefits?
Everyone. Books are still the cornerstone of school learning. Middletown librarians update our collection monthly to add the most recent titles on popular subjects, such as science & technology, arts & recreation, literature, and history & geography.

How Do We Help?
Our Program:
• Supplements school collections 

• Enriches curriculum  
• Broadens capacity to teach and learn 
• Deepens interest 
• Provides specific titles for research papers
• Promotes sharing between school and library


Who May Borrow?

Teachers and reading specialists initiate requests by selecting specific titles from our online catalog: 

The school is the borrower and assumes responsibility for the books. Teachers are welcome to borrow books on their own cards. However, this program is designed for library-to-school service.

Where Are Books Kept?

Books are kept in the borrowing teacher’s classroom.

How do I get started?

To set up this service, please fill out this form.

Can I ask for assistance in advance with student homework projects? 

Yes! You can alert us to student projects that they might need assistance with. Please fill out this form here