Middletown Township Public Library Renovation

The Middletown Township Public Library (MTPL) has unveiled plans for a renovation and redesign of its Reference Area, to begin in early 2024. The planned renovation incorporates suggestions from the public to include more comfortable seating space, additional private meeting and study space for the community, and enhanced history and reading rooms. Expansion of the Teen Room and a Makerspace are also included in the plans.

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Notice to Bidders

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  • The Reference staff and public computers have been relocated! As of March 1st, the reference area beyond the media hub is closed to the public.
  • Public Computers and all reference services can now be found in the Community Room.
  • Tables and study areas are available by the fireplace and in the lobby. Certain days and times there will be open study time available in the community room, but please call ahead or ask a library staff member as that availability will vary and is not guaranteed.
  • When visiting the library, please drive slowly through the parking lot and be aware of construction vehicles and workers.
  • Much of the book collection will be unavailable to the public on Wednesday evening 4/10 and all-day Thursday 4/11 while contractors build a temporary safety wall. Holds and locker requests are available and recommended.
  • Construction continues in the adult reference area. Please note that there will be some increased noise and activity in the library during construction. 
  • Library staff are hard at work moving some of the books to other accessible areas in preparation for later phases of the renovation. If you need help finding anything, please reach out to a library staff member – we’re here to help!
  • Please watch this page for further updates.


Why does the library need to be renovated?

The last time the library went through a major renovation was in 2004. Since then, the needs of the community have evolved and the library has a need to redesign some interior space. We are unable to build upwards or add on additions, so re-configuring some of the indoor space was the best solution. Instead of a computer lab that is no longer utilized as such, a larger teen space and a separate makerspace will be added. More seating around the reference area, as well as 4 new private study rooms will be installed. A larger History Room is also in the plans, which will provide much needed space to house our collection of Middletown Township and New Jersey history materials. 

Will the library remain open during the renovation process?

The intention is to have the library remain open for the majority of the renovation. There will likely be days or times when the library will need to close due to the nature of the renovation work, but ample notice will be provided if and when that happens. The adult reference area will be closed off for a portion of the renovation, but we are working on providing alternative space within the library for patrons to study and utilize public computers. 

When will the renovation begin?

It is set to begin mid-March of 2024. It will be done in two phases and should take 6 months to complete.

How do I get my materials during the renovation?

The community may browse and check out materials as usual. Certain parts of the collection may not be fully accessible, but staff will be able to retrieve items. The 24/7 Locker Pick-up will be available at all times. Regular hold requests and Front Door Pick-up will also be available.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help MTPL during our renovation process: 

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for updates regarding our renovation and other library updates. 
  2. Donate to the library here. 

Have any questions? 

Use the contact form below with any questions you have regarding the renovation. 

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