What To Do In An Emergency

In all emergency situations, the Administration office should be notified immediately.  Director Heather Andolsen is your first point of contact and command.  In her absence, we follow the LEAP manual for Person in Charge.  It is:  Assistant to the Director, Wendy LaTona, Department Manager (by seniority) Eileen, Ellie, Kate, and Ellen. The Safety Captains are Kate Hammond, Annie Sansevere, Christina Frasca and Susan Gioia. If they are not in the building, please go to the next Librarian 2.

Always hit your panic button if you feel threatened or if a member of the public will not respect your instructions to leave. It is always better to be safe.  Our Township police are here to assist in both staff and public safety.  

Familiarize and know where the panic buttons are:  They can be found at the following service desks:
Circulation (on both ends of the service desk)
Administration – Margaret’s desk.

These buttons signal and alert police that there is an emergency occurring at the library. It is important to know:  You need to hold the button in for 30 seconds in order to activate the silence alarm.

If you cannot reach a panic button , page “Mr. Leap”. This will put staff members on alert to implement emergency procedures.  Department managers should take charge of their areas to assist in securing the building and safety of staff and public. 


Fill out an incident report and submit to Administration (Wendy).

The goal is for everyone to feel comfortable, safe and secure.
NEVER hesitate to call 911, Mr. LEAP, or the Person in Charge for assistance.

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Our Holiday hours are 9-5 on Nov. 23rd-Nov. 27th (closed on Thanksgiving). Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!