Township policy manual

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1. Policies Relating to Employee Rights and Obligations

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General Personnel Policy
1.1  Anti-Discrimination Policy
1.2  Americans with Disabilities Act Policy
1.3  Contagious or Life Threatening Illnesses Policy
1.4  Safety Policy
1.5  Drug and Alcohol Policy
1.6  Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
1.7  General Anti-Harassment and Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy
1.8  “Whistle Blower” Policy
1.9  Employee Complaint Policy
1.10  Conflict of Interest and Political Activity Policy
1.11  Personnel Files Policy
1.12  Service Time Policy
1.13  Employee Performance Evaluation Policy
1.14  Employee Discipline Policy and Procedure
1.15  Employee Conduct and Work Rules Policy
1.16  Termination of Employment
1.17  Workforce Reduction Policy
1.18  Driver’s License Policy
1.19  Arrest and Criminal Record/Conviction Policy

2. Work Place Policies

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2.1  Job Description Policy
2.2  Work Schedule Policy
2.3  Attendance Policy
2.4  Dress Code and Personal Appearance Policy
2.5  Uniforms
2.6  No Smoking Policy
2.7  Use of Township Vehicles Policy
2.8  Confidentiality
2.9  Customer Service Principles and Standards
2.10  Telephone Usage Policy
2.11  Township Systems Policy
2.12  Video Surveillance Policy
2.13  GPS Surveillance Policy
2.14  Bulletin Board Policy
2.15  Social Media Policy
2.16  Travel and Conference Policy
2.17  Outside Employment Policy
2.18  Fire Department Volunteers
2.19  Restricted Duty Policies and Procedures
2.20  Cash Handling Procedure

3. Paid and Unpaid Time-Off Policies

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3.1  Vacation, Personal and Sick Time Policy
3.2  Paid Holiday Policy
3.3  Leave of Absence Policy
3.4  Family and Medical Leave Act Policy
3.5  Domestic Violence Leave Policy
3.6  Military Leave Policy
3.7  Donated Leave Program
3.8  Bereavement Policy
3.9  Inclement Weather Policy
3.10  Jury Duty Policy

4. Compensation and Employee Benefits Policies

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4.1  Compensation and Benefits Policies
4.2  Workers Compensation Policy
4.3  Employee Assistance Program Policy
4.4  Continuing Education Policy

5. Managerial/Supervisory Procedures

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5.1  Employment Procedures
5.2  Personnel Actions
5.3  Employment Verification and Reference Procedure
5.4  Nepotism/Hiring of Relatives
5.5  Open Public Meetings Act and Personnel Matters
5.6  Processing and Orientation of New Employees
5.7  Working Test Period
5.8  Policies and Procedures
5.9  Employee Complaint Procedure

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