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Rules of Conduct Policy

Welcome to the Middletown Township Public Library. The Library is supported by the taxes of the people of Middletown who expect its facilities to be a clean, comfortable, and safe places for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, and attending programs and meetings. To this end, the Library is responsible for establishing and enforcing rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of Library customers, volunteers, and staff and for preserving and protecting the Library’s materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds. Reasonable rules of conduct are not in conflict with the Library’s strong commitment to intellectual freedom and to freedom of access to information.

Library property is defined as the exterior grounds, parking areas, and building interior and exteriors.

For the comfort and safety of customers, volunteers, and staff, and the protection of Library property, the following actions are examples of conduct not allowed on Library property:

• Engaging in any activity in violation of Federal, State, Local, or other applicable law, or Library policy.
• Failing to comply with a reasonable staff request.
• Carrying firearms and weapons of any type (except by law enforcement officers and authorized security personnel of the Middletown Township Public Library).
• Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs, and selling, using or possessing alcohol/illegal drugs.
• Verbally or physical threatening or harassing other customers, volunteers, or staff, including stalking, staring, lurking, swearing, and engaging in inappropriate acts of touching, sex or indecent exposure.
• Library computers must be used in a responsible manner, respecting the rights of others and taking care with the use of the equipment. Computer internet settings may not be changed. Customers may not use the library’s computers or a personal computer device while at the library for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose. N.J.S.A. 2C:34-4 prohibits accessing or displaying pornographic and/or obscene materials on a library computer or a personal computer device while at the library. The library is not responsible for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of its network and does not assume responsibility for the security or privacy of any online transactions.
• Soliciting or conducting surveys not authorized by the Library.
• Stealing, damaging, or inappropriately using Library property in Library facilities or on Library grounds, including books, periodicals, furnishings, walls, computer hardware and software, printers, copiers, phones, and other equipment.
• Trespassing in nonpublic areas; being in the Library without permission of an authorized Library employee before or after Library operating hours; leaving vehicles on Library property, or camping on Library grounds.
• Fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing things.
• Creating disruptive noises including, but not limited to loud talking, screaming, or banging on computer keyboards.
• Gambling, games, and group activities which are disruptive to the Library environment
• Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that is audible to others. Using cell phones, pages, and other communications devices in areas other than those set aside for such activity. Audible cell phone and pager ringers must be turned off or set on vibrate. High frequency ring tones which may be audible only to select persons are not permitted.
• Using restrooms for bathing or shampooing, doing laundry, or changing clothes.
• Littering.
• Smoking, chewing, and other tobacco use in the library and on the patio area or within 25 feet of any public or staff entry.
• Entering the Library barefoot, without a shirt, with offensive body odor or personal hygiene, or being otherwise attired so as to be disruptive to the Library environment.
• Visiting the library with head lice or bed bug infestation on clothing.
• Consuming food or beverages in public areas of the Library not authorized by the Library.
• Taking photographs or other images of customers, staff, or volunteers without their permission.
• Using wheeled devices in Library property or on Library property grounds, except in designated areas, including skateboarding, roller-skating, bicycling, scooters, and roller shoes (except for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers).
• Moving Library furniture from where it is placed by Library staff.
• Lying down or sleeping in the restrooms or on any floor, couch, table, or seat in the Library, and by blocking aisles, exits, or entrances by sitting or lying down in them.
• Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children (see the Middletown Township Public Library Policy on Unattended Children)
• Bringing in pets or animals, other than service animals necessary for disabilities, into the Library, except as authorized by the Library Director.

Enforcement of these rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff and/or Middletown Police Officers will intervene to stop prohibited activities and behaviors. Failure to comply with the Library’s established rules, regulations, and policies could result in removal from the premises and exclusion from the Library for a period of one day to one year, or in arrest or prosecution. Violations could also result in the restriction and/or termination of Library privileges, including the use of Library computers and other equipment.

Library customers have the right to request an administrative review of an exclusion order that is for a period greater than seven days.

Adult Resident Cards

Adult library cards are issued free to all persons, age 18 and up, who are Middletown residents and to non-residents who work (including temporary household employees), attend school, or own property in the township. To obtain a borrower’s card, current proof of residency, employment, school enrollment or property ownership must be presented. If any street is in question, the library will verify with the Township Tax Department before issuing the card. Individuals who receive mail at a P.O. Box must also provide the library with a street address.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  1. Drivers License
  2. Employee or School ID card, current year
  3. Current tax bill
  4. Current utility bill
  5. Current pay stub with address shown
  6. Bank check with address printed 
  7. School schedule, report card, or bus pass
  8. Letter from Middletown employer verifying current employment

Military Service – Anyone at least 17 years of age who lives, works, or goes to school in Middletown, and who provides proof of active military service shall be entitled to an adult library card.

Non-Resident Card

A non-resident may obtain a library card for a $75 annual fee. The card is valid for one year. Non-resident senior citizens, 62 years and older, may purchase a card for $25 annually.

Juvenile card

Juvenile library cards are issued free to residents of Middletown. Library cards are issued free to non-resident children who attend school (grades K-12) in the Township. Signature of responsibility by parent or legal guardian is required. The parent or legal guardian must be present when applying for the juvenile card. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for transactions made with the juvenile card without exception, including any and all fines. Automatic expiration occurs upon child’s 18th birthday. The card may be used to borrow all items except the “R” rated movies and mature video games.

Library Card Expiration

All resident library cards are issued for a term of three years, and are renewable. All non-resident cards are issued for one year, and are renewable. All card holders must show current ID for renewal.

Presentation of card

Library cards must be presented to borrow materials and to pick up waiting holds. Customers may not pick up family members holds unless they have the appropriate card in hand. If the card is not presented, a fee of $1.00 will be charged.

Lost or Stolen cards

A replacement card is $3.00. Stolen cards are the responsibility of the owner until reported to the library.

Right of Refusal

The Library reserves the right to refuse to issue a card and/or loan materials. Materials will not be loaned and library cards will not be issued to anyone who has family members with fines over $15 or anyone who resides with cardholders with fines over $15. Before a card is issued, staff will search by name and address to assess pre-existing fines.

Material Loan Limits

Books- Two Weeks (No limits on how many can be checked out)
Magazines- Two Weeks (No limits on how many can be checked out)
Audio Books- Two Weeks (No limits on how many can be checked out)
C.D.’s- Two Weeks (No limits on how many can be checked out)
Informational Videos- Two Weeks (No limits on how many can be checked out)
TV Series- Two Weeks (No limits on how many can be checked out)
Playaways- Two weeks (2 per card)
Entertainment Video & DVD- Two day loan (No limits on how many can be checked out)

Please Note: While we do not set any limits, librarians can only retrieve 5 items off your holds list per day.

Overdue Fines

Charges begin when the library opens on the day following the due date. All fines are 25¢ per day per item, except VHS, DVD, Video Games & CD-ROM which are $1.00 per day. Fines are not charged for days the library is closed. Fines begin at the library opening time on the day after the due date.

Replacement cards

Replacement Cards will cost $3.00. No sliding scale rate.

Vacation Loans

Customers may request an extended loan period of up to 4 weeks on any audiobook, paperback, travel book, or book club title that has been in the collection for six months or more except holds and school reading list items.


All library materials can be renewed up to 4 times. Exceptions:

1. Items on hold
2. Inter-library loans (materials from another library)
3. Museum Passes


All library materials may be reserved without charge, except museum passes. Pick up must be within 4 days, or the item goes to the next waiting customer or is re-shelved. Reserves may be made placed online through the library’s website catalog, by telephone (contact the Reference Desk), in person at any computer station, or at the Circulation and Reference Desks.

Hold limits


  • 30 reserves per customer at any time. 
  • 5 on-shelf item reserves per day. 
  • Video/DVD titles rated ‘R’ by the MPAA may be borrowed only by Adults over the age of 18 who present a valid Middletown Township Adult card.


All library items may be returned in interior or exterior book drops, with the exception of inter-library loan (ILL) items and museum passes, which must be returned at the Circulation Desk.

Lost or damaged items

The borrower is responsible for the replacement cost of materials that are lost or damaged. This is the price recorded at the time of acquisition. The library will accept exact duplicates of any lost or damaged items. Receipts for all transactions are automatically printed and available to the customer.

Lost and paid materials

A customer who has paid a lost item fee but later finds the item(s) and tries to return it to the library will not be permitted to do so. There are no refunds on found lost items. Once the lost fee is paid to the library, the library will record the change and remove the item(s) from the system and the item(s) becomes the property of the customer.


Inter-library Loans

Inter-library loans are items borrowed from other libraries to fill requests. These items circulate for two weeks and cannot be renewed unless the owning library permits such a renewal. The process must go through the ILL librarian on staff. Fines are .50 cents per day if late. All items must be picked up and returned at the Circulation desk.

The Middletown Township Public Library will lend its materials to other libraries following the Inter-library Loan Code of the American Library Association. Middletown Library procedure will be incorporated into this policy.

1. Customers may have a maximum of five [5] inter-library loans active in process at any time. This would include any combination of requests which are waiting to be filled or materials which have arrived and are circulating or waiting to be picked up.

2. Requests for inter-library loans will be accepted only from customers in good standing, under the fines threshold.

3. Inter-library loans are subject to all restrictions placed on them by the lending library [i.e. in-house use, etc.]

4. Materials may/may not be renewed at the discretion of the lending library. Fines may accrue during the renewal process/period.

5. Inter-library loans will be held at the Circulation desk for four [4] days. The customer will be called when the materials arrive. Any items not picked up within the four day period will accrue a $5.00 service fee per item. Fees and service charges from the lending library will be attached to the customer’s record even if the materials are not picked up.

6. Any individual customer who misses three inter-library loan pickups in a six [6] month period will not be permitted to borrow through inter-library loan for a period of six [6] months thereafter. At the discretion of the Board of Trustees, further abuse of inter-library loan could result in the loss of this privilege.

Library suspension

The Library reserves the right to suspend borrowing privileges to anyone who abuses library policy. This suspension may be temporary or permanent. The Library reserves to right to suspend borrowing privileges based on outstanding fines. In the case of excessive fines, the Library reserves the right to suspend borrowing privileges of the entire household.

Proctoring Policy

The Middletown Township Public Library will offer test proctoring services to residents for $10 per test and to non- residents for $25 per test. This fee is due and payable at the time the proctoring is scheduled.

Proctoring services shall be provided during regular hours of the library, at the convenience of the library, and in accordance with library policies and procedures.

Donation Policies

A. Middletown Township Public Library accepts the donation of new or gently used books and other materials. Once donated, the materials become the Library’s property and the Library reserves the right to use and dispose of them in the manner most useful to the Library. This could include adding them to the collection, giving them to the Friends of the Middletown Library for their book sale, or disposing of them.

a. Only gently used items are accepted.
b. One box or bag per person, per day.
c. The Library does not accept donations that have conditions attached, such as promising to add them to the collection. If needed, these donated items may be returned to the donor. The Library will not appraise the value of donations received, but will provide the donor with a written note indicating the number of items donated. The donor can set the value on his/her own.
e. Donations may be brought to the Circulation Desk, only if the box is small.
f. Items that are not accepted include:
i. Dirty, smelly, stained, and/or bug infested materials
ii. Books marked with written notes, highlighting, and/or underlining
iii. Encyclopedias
iv. Textbooks
v. Cassette products (i.e. VHS and audio cassettes)
vi. National Geographic, American Heritage, or any other magazine
vii. Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

B. Cash donations are accepted “in memory of” individuals for the purchase of library materials. The donor may indicate preference for formats and subjects to be acquired with the donation. All monetary gifts are acknowledged in writing. Memorial/honorary inscriptions are placed in materials as appropriate.

a. Gifts of cash that are unconditional will be utilized to meet the needs of the Library.

b. The Board of Trustees of the Library reserve the right to refuse any gift with conditions attached, depending on the needs of the Library.

C. Bequests, gifts of stock or property or corporate matching gift programs should be discussed with the Library Director in advance.

D. All donated materials become the property of Middletown Township Public Library. Staff may purchase donated materials, including materials that will be discarded, at the same rate as our customers. Any employee caught stealing Middletown Township property will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information which is collected during your visit on our website is solely for the purpose of contacting you if the need arises about future projects. Your information, including name, address, email address, and payment information will not be shared with any other person or company.

We do not use, nor do we condone the use of unsolicited bulk e-mail.


Middletown Public Library upholds the American Library Association policy concerning confidentiality. This policy extends to “information sought or received, and materials consulted, borrowed or acquired.” Upon presentation of a juvenile card (user under age 18), a parent or guardian may access the child’s record.

The library does not release any customer information to any law enforcement or government agency without the presentation of a subpoena, as per N.J.S.A. 18A: 73-43.2, or search warrant presented by the FBI under the provisions of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), or the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), two latter acts which supersede state law.

Copyright Notice

It is the borrower’s responsibility to comply with the copyright law of the United States. (Public Law 94-553).

Hold Harmless

The Middletown Township Public Library accepts no responsibility for damage to personal computer equipment or software caused by use of library materials and provides no guarantee that the material will operate on the borrower’s equipment.

Library employees who give technical suggestions or advice to customers regarding their personal hardware, software, audio visual material, or any other matter shall be free from any responsibility and held harmless.

Internet Use Agreement

The Middletown Township Public Library offers public access to the Internet.
Internet access is available to all users of the Library who agree to these conditions:

1. User recognizes that some systems may contain controversial materials including those that are offensive and disruptive to other users of the library, will use his or her own discretion in accessing such materials and comply with library staff requests to log off certain sites. Parental supervision and control are strongly advised.

2 The amount of time spent on the Internet must be shared with other users. Computer use by MTPL cardholders has precedence over non-resident or guest users, and this precedence may be implemented by varying time limits, limits in the number and location of computers available, or by other means.

A. MTPL cardholders in good standing may access the Internet free of charge for 2 hours per day plus have one guest pass per day.

B. Effective January 22, 2014, guests passes shall be free but limited to one 60 minute internet use session per day.

3. Commercial uses of the Library Internet System are prohibited.

4. Users may not upload or download programs or files to Library computer hard drives.

5. Any vandalism to the system’s components including software, hardware or data of the system shall result in disciplinary action by the Middletown Township Public Library and termination of user privilege.

6. Print cost shall be $0.25 cents per page.

7. Internet access computers in the Children’s Room are to be used by
children under the age of 12 only. An adult may use the Children’s Room computers
while supervising their child. Computers in the Teen Zone may be used by those ages 12-18 only.

8. Patrons access and use of the system may be terminated by the Middletown Township Public Library for any perceived or suspected abuse of the above provisions.

Digital Video/E-books/Audio (Hoopla) Circulation Policy

Access to digital audio/video will be provided through a password-protected website and mobile app called Hoopla established by Midwest Tape. All internet connected devices are compatible with the Hoopla website. All Android and iOS mobile devices are compatible with the mobile app.

Library cardholders will have access to the full Hoopla collection of music, movies, television shows, and audiobooks. Each patron will be allowed to borrow up to 10 items per month; however, they are limited to borrowing only up to 5 items at one time. These limits may be adjusted at the Library Director’s discretion for budgeting purposes.

All items are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. All items borrowed through the Hoopla website may be streamed on a computer, tablet or smart phone, or downloaded using the mobile app. All items will expire automatically, so no fines will be assessed.

Movies and television episodes can be borrowed for 2 days. Music can be borrowed for 7 days. Audiobooks and E-books can be borrowed for 21 days. These circulation periods are determined by the vendor (Midwest Tape).

All items in the Hoopla catalog are available to borrow and use immediately. No holds are necessary for this service. Items may be returned early, but items cannot be renewed. All technical errors and questions will be handled by Midwest Tape directly through the mobile app or website.

Copy/Print/Scan Policy

Middletown Township Public Library offers public self-service photocopy machines and printers to the general public for a fee. The library also offers scanning services at the Adult Reference Desk for a fee.

Public photocopiers are located in the HUB and in the Children’s Department. Copiers accept cash and coin only.

Printing is available on the desktop computers located in the Reference area, in the Teen Room, and in the Children’s Department. Printers operate using the MTPL library card. Funds may be added to library cards at the Reference Desk (cash only). Wireless printing is also available from all wireless devices connected to the Middletown Library wireless network. The password for access to the library’s wireless network is “middletown.”

Scanning is available at the Reference Desk. Library customers may scan onto a USB device only. The scanner accepts unbound letter and legal sized paper. The library offers USB devices for sale at the reference desk. Assistance for scanning services is provided by a librarian at the Reference Desk.

Fee Schedule:
Copy $.25/page
Print $.25/page
Scan $.10/page

Teacher’s Borrowing Policy

School Cards

Library cards may be issued to any Middletown school as an entity. School cards will only be issued by a Manager or the librarian in charge of the Books-in-Schools program.

Presentation of Card

Library cards must be presented to borrow materials and to pick up waiting holds. Teachers may also present identification to show that they are currently employed at the school or that they are the teacher listed as the contact person for the school.

Loan Period

Teachers using a school card will receive an extended loan period of up to 4 weeks on any item that has been in the collection for six months or more except holds, 2 day items, rentals, museum passes, and school reading list items.

Fines & Renewals

School cards will not receive any fines. All library material can be renewed 4 times.


Teachers may reserve items through the Books-in-School program. This program allows a teacher to request books on a specific topic. Library staff will then choose the books, check them out on the school card, and place them at the front desk for the teacher to pick up. Teachers will have 10 days to pick up all Books-in-Schools items before they are returned to the shelves.


All library items may be returned in interior book drops or outside book drops. Teachers must return all Books-in-Schools items checked out on a school card directly to the Circulation Desk.

Lost or Damaged items

At the discretion of the Library Director, the school may be responsible for lost and damaged items.

Teachers’ Personal Cards

All Middletown teachers who choose to check out materials for school use on their personal cards will be treated as regular patrons and will be responsible for any fines/fees incurred. For this reason, the library staff will encourage all teachers to use the Books-in-Schools program.

Unattended Children Policy

Service to children is a very high priority of the Middletown Township Public Library.  Children of all ages are warmly welcomed and encouraged to use the library’s materials, services, programs, and staff.  Every effort is made to provide a pleasant and inviting experience.  At the same time, the library is an open, public building and the well-being and safety of all children is of serious concern.  Children, left alone, may be at risk and they can also become bored, restless, loud or disruptive.

The following policy has been established to protect children and provide all our patrons with a positive library experience.

Parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for the conduct of their minor children, under 18 years of age, in the library or on library grounds regardless of whether parents (or legal guardian) are in the company of their children or not.

  • For children under 12 years of age, except for participation in certain, very specific library programs, a parent, guardian or responsible caregiver (age 17 or older) must remain with or be immediately accessible to the child at all times.
  • Children 12 years old and over are assumed to be mature enough to use the library responsibly by themselves.
  • Minor children, aged less than 17 years, may not be left unattended before or after library hours.

The library staff cannot assume the responsibility to supervise children in the library or on library grounds.  Library staff is authorized to enforce this policy, including contact of police in the event the parent, legal guardian, or caregiver fails to comply.

Responsible caregiver is defined as an individual possessed with the ability to assume responsibility for the supervision of minor children 11 years and younger.  The responsible caregiver must be at least 17 years old.

  1. Library staff will attempt to reach parents by telephone when there are violations of policy and specify if:
    1. A child under  12 is unattended in the library for any length of time, or
    2. An unattended child exhibits fear, anxiety, illness or disruptive behavior.
    3. If parents do not arrive within 15 minutes, or are uncooperative in providing supervision of their children, The Middletown Township Police Department will be called.
  2. In the event that a minor child, up to age 17 is left at the library after hours, the library staff will follow these procedures:
    1. Two senior staff must stay with the child inside the Main Library building.  Note:  Staff can ask a child to return to the building if they have gone outside, but cannot force them to do so.  Personal judgment on the age of the child and conditions should prevail.
    2. A phone call will be made to parents within 5 minutes of library closing. Repeated calls will be made to parents up to 15 minutes.
    3. If parents cannot be reached or cannot arrive until 15 minutes past closing, the Police will be notified. The two staff members are to remain with the child until the police have arrived.
    4. An incident report must be filed with Administration to document any occurrence when a child is left after closing.

Homebound Residents Policy

Homebound residents wishing to participate in this program must register by contacting the Homebound Services Librarian. A volunteer will visit the resident with a registration application to apply for a Homebound Resident library card. The resident will also complete a brief survey to assist library staff in selecting appropriate materials based on the resident’s interests. The resident may select specific titles, authors, genres, and formats (i.e. – large print, audio). With this service, residents will have access to regular books, large print books, audio books, and music CDs. Feature Film DVDs, magazines, and video games may not be checked out on a Homebound Resident library card.

Volunteers will deliver pre-selected materials to the resident and will be responsible for returning items by their due date. Library materials may be returned in library book bins located at the Middletown Library and at the Lincroft Little League Field.
Homebound Resident library cards will not accumulate late fees. At the discretion of the Library Director, homebound residents may be responsible for the replacement cost of lost items.

Homebound Resident library cards will be limited to 5 items per checkout. All items will circulate for 2 weeks. Items without holds may be renewed up to a maximum of 4 times.

It is the homebound resident’s responsibility to ensure that the delivery volunteer has unobstructed access to deliver and pick-up library materials. It is the homebound resident’s responsibility to contact their delivery volunteer when materials are ready to be returned to the library. The delivery volunteer may not enter the home of the homebound resident. Library materials will be left at the door step or at another prearranged site on the resident’s property.

The program is most successful if the homebound resident and volunteer agree upon 2 dates per month for pick-up and delivery, such as the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. This will ensure that library materials are returned in a timely manner and will provide the resident with uninterrupted access to library materials.

Library Program Policies

I. Definition of Library Programs

The Middletown Township Public Library (MTPL) will offer programs that uphold its mission of service to the community as a lifelong learning center, and as a cultural center. The library will bring together people and information, create public forums on issues and ideas, and offer enriching performances and presentations in the fine arts.

Activities covered under this policy are those that are approved and promoted by the library. Library programs are open and free-of-charge to the general public. Programs that enrich the library experience such as storytelling, discussion groups, interactive learning experiences, performances, lectures about our culture, history, society, and current issues, or which provide literacy-based training are examples of the breadth of topics and formats of library programs.

II. Requests from Presenters

Requests from speakers, performers, and groups to present a library program or event must be submitted electronically using the library’s “Suggest a Program” form, found on the library’s website ( Requests must include a detailed description/outline of the proposed program. The library’s Programming Committee will review all submissions on a monthly basis and select programs to be included on the library’s Events Calendar. The Programming Committee will respond to all requests within 45 days of submission. If approved, MTPL will: identify a staff member who will serve as a contact for the program; provide space and set up tables and chairs; and provide appropriate publicity (such as press releases to local media, flyers and posters posted within the library, and inclusion on MTPL’s online list of events and in the library’s newsletter). The presenters are also encouraged to supplement with their own publicity of the event.

As a public institution, library programs must eschew commercial, politically partisan, or religious/sectarian views. Since hosting or sponsoring a program may be perceived as implied endorsement, the library will utilize professional discretion in the selection of individuals, groups, and performers and reserves the right to decline or limit any requests.

The library recognizes that there are many locally-based potential speakers who may well be experts in their respective fields and who may provide a public-minded message and deliver a true community service in their presentations. However, to avoid charges of providing “commercial advantage” to select businesses and in the interest of fairness to all, outside presenters from local businesses will be limited to one single event per calendar year.
In the event of a conflict of dates, staff-scheduled programs of the Middletown Township Public Library or the Middletown Public Library Foundation shall have precedence.

III. Payment and Cancellations

Under no circumstances will performers be paid in advance for services. When possible, performers will be paid immediately following the conclusion of the program. In some cases, however, payment will be mailed to the performer no later than 10 days following the scheduled date of the program. Performers who cancel a program will not be paid for the canceled program.

The library asks that speakers, performers, and groups who wish to cancel their scheduled program/event provide at least one week’s notice to allow staff sufficient time to contact attendees or schedule a similar program or presenter in its place.

IV. Additional Considerations

Attendees of library programs shall not be required to provide any personal information or be placed on marketing lists. The purchase of any item as a condition for attending a meeting is not allowed. The library shall have the right to ask for program evaluations from attendees.
Due to space limitations, attendance preference may be given to Middletown Township residents and those who work or attend school in Middletown, or are current members of the Middletown Public Library Foundation.

All programs shall end 15 minutes prior to library closing time. Groups or presenters wishing to serve refreshments must obtain prior approval from the Programming Committee. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

The library shall, at its discretion, publicize the program with in-house designed posters, flyers, press releases, and electronic media. It is the responsibility of the presenter to provide all necessary information and graphics in a timely fashion for the production of the media. MTPL reserves the right to revise/redesign material provided by the presenter to conform to MTPL standards. Only MTPL designed posters and flyers for the program may be posted/ handed out within the library.

With the presenter’s permission, the library may capture photographs, audio and/or video recordings of the presentation for the purpose of future broadcast, publication or other use at the sole discretion of MTPL.

Programs that involve the sale of goods or services, or whose sole purpose is to promote and/or sell the goods or services of a business or organization, are prohibited with the exception of authors, artists and musicians who shall be permitted to sell copies of their works at the conclusion of their program. Exhibiting artists shall be permitted to list prices of works for sale in a printed brochure/catalog of their show. The catalog or price list shall be provided by the artist and approved by the library in advance of the show. The sale of all other products and/or services by speakers, performers or groups is strictly prohibited.

All outside speakers, performers, and groups will be required to adhere to the guidelines as set forth in this policy as established by the Library Board. Any violations of this policy shall result in the automatic rejection of all future program requests for a minimum of one year. Repeated violators will be permanently prohibited from presenting library programs at Middletown Township Public Library.

All private meetings of businesses, groups, organizations, boards, commissions, etc. that take place at the Middletown Township Public Library will follow the guidelines, policies and procedures of the Meeting Room Policy (1:03).