Murray the Mascot

Murray the Mascot was found at the Middletown Township Public Library in December of 2019. The Library adopted him, one of our childrens’ librarians is his surrogate mother and made him our mascot! His name was voted on via Facebook and in our newsletter in March 2020. Other options for his name were Dewey, Booker, Stacks and Campbell! But Murray got the most votes, and the rest was history. 

Murray has brought a lot of joy to the patrons and staff members at MTPL. He has been featured in numerous advertisements for programs. His hobbies include sailing, reading, costume making, traveling (when safe), volunteering at the library and leisurely walks around Thompson Park. He loves Duck Donuts, is a tea drinker and his favorite restaurant is No Limits Cafe. 

Below are some of our favorite pictures of our beloved mascot Murray, and more will be added! Click on them below to view. Be sure to keep an eye our for Murray at the Middletown library! You never know where he may turn up.

Click below to view pictures of Murray the Mascot