Library Program Policies

The Middletown Township Public Library (MTPL) will offer programs that uphold its mission of service to the community as a lifelong learning center, and as a cultural center. Staff members, guest presenters, speakers, and other artists must apply and are subjected too, the following criteria in program planning:

  • Relation to Library mission and service goals and materials collection policy
  • Relevance to community needs and interest
  • Presentation quality and treatment of content for the intended audience
  • Presenter background/qualifications/reputation
  • Availability of program space
  • Budget and staffing considerations
  • Connection to other community programs or partners, and exhibits or events
  • Historical or educational significance
  • Relation to Library collections, resources, exhibits, and programs
  • Library programs are open and free-of-charge to the general public (exceptions are private rentals per policy or at the director’s discretion.)


Library Program Limitations

  • As a public institution, library programs must eschew commercial, politically partisan, or religious/sectarian views/worship. Hosting or sponsoring a program may be perceived as an implied endorsement, the Library will utilize professional discretion in the selection of individuals, groups, and performers and reserves the right to decline or limit any requests.
  • The Library will endeavor to offer original programming and not duplicate programs or events offered at other township venues.
  • The Library has the right of refusal to host programs that include but are not limited to: the possibility that a proposed meeting or event will be disruptive to Library services, or programs that may impede Library staff or patrons, or that may endanger the Library building or collection, or that violates the Library code of conduct policy.
  • The Library recognizes that many locally-based potential speakers may well be experts in their respective fields. However, to avoid charges of providing “commercial advantage,” presenters from local businesses may be limited to presenting once during a six month period.
  • Attendees of library programs shall not be required to provide any personal information to outside presenters. The Library shall have the right to ask for program evaluations and emails from attendees. Information will only be used for internal Library business.
  • Groups or presenters wishing to serve refreshments must obtain prior approval from the Library. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Programs that involve the sale of goods or services are prohibited, except for authors, artists, and musicians who shall be permitted to sell copies of their works.
  • In the event of a conflict of dates, staff-scheduled programs of the Middletown Township Public Library will have precedence.


Payment and Cancellations

  • The Library will not pay performers in advance for services. When possible, performers will be paid immediately following the conclusion of the program.
  • In some cases, however, payment will be mailed to the performer no later than 60 days following the scheduled date of the program. Performers who cancel and do not reschedule will not be paid for the canceled program.
  • The Library asks that speakers, performers, and groups who wish to cancel their scheduled program/event provide at least one week’s notice to allow staff sufficient time to contact attendees or schedule a similar program or presenter in its place.


Additional Considerations

  • All programs shall end 15 minutes prior to Library closing time. The Library shall, at its discretion, publicize the program with in-house designed posters, flyers, press releases, and electronic media. It is the responsibility of the presenter to provide all necessary information and graphics in a timely fashion. MTPL reserves the right to revise/redesign material supplied by the presenter to conform to MTPL standards. Library staff will approve any additional marketing materials that are displayed in the Library.
  • With the presenter’s permission, the Library may capture photographs, audio, and video recordings of the presentation for the use at the sole discretion of MTPL.
  • Exhibiting artists shall be permitted to list prices of works for sale in a printed brochure/catalog of their show. The catalog or price list shall be provided by the artist and approved by the Library in advance of the show.

Any violations of this policy shall result in the automatic rejection of all future program requests for a minimum of one year. Repeated violators will be permanently prohibited from presenting library programs at Middletown Township Public Library.