Library Card Policies



Adult library cards are issued free to all persons, age 18 and up, who are Middletown residents and to non-residents who work (including temporary household employees), attend school, or own property in the township. To obtain a borrower’s card, current proof of residency, employment, school enrollment or property ownership must be presented. If any street is in question, the library will verify with the Township Tax Department before issuing the card. Individuals who receive mail at a P.O. Box must also provide the library with a street address.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  1. Drivers License
  2. Employee or School ID card, current year
  3. Current tax bill
  4. Current utility bill
  5. Current pay stub with address shown
  6. Bank check with address printed
  7. School schedule, report card, or bus pass
  8. Letter from Middletown employer verifying current employment

Military Service – Anyone at least 17 years of age who lives, works, or goes to school in Middletown, and who provides proof of active military service shall be entitled to an adult library card.


Juvenile library cards are issued free to residents of Middletown. Library cards are issued free to non-resident children who attend school (grades K-12) in the Township. Signature of responsibility by parent or legal guardian is required. The parent or legal guardian must be present when applying for the juvenile card. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for transactions made with the juvenile card without exception, including any and all fines. Automatic expiration occurs upon child’s 18th birthday. The card may be used to borrow all items except the “R” rated movies and mature video games.


A non-resident may obtain a library card for a $75 annual fee. The card is valid for one year. Non-resident senior citizens, 62 years and older, may purchase a card for $25 annually.

Expiration Dates

All resident library cards are issued for a term of three years, and are renewable. All non-resident cards are issued for one year, and are renewable. All card holders must show current ID for renewal.

Presentation of Card

Library cards must be presented to borrow materials and to pick up waiting holds. Customers may not pick up family members holds unless they have the appropriate card in hand. 

Lost or Stolen Cards

A replacement card is $3.00. Stolen cards are the responsibility of the owner until reported to the library.

Right of Refusal

The Library reserves the right to refuse to issue a card and/or loan materials. Materials will not be loaned and library cards will not be issued to anyone who has family members with fines over $15 or anyone who resides with cardholders with fines over $15. Before a card is issued, staff will search by name and address to assess pre-existing fines.