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Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center–Facts on File

  • This database is now broken down into three main sections: Jobs, Skills, and Resources for ease and speed of use.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com)
Free online classes such as photoshop, business, music, IT, photography and many more! Library card required to access. 


Microsoft Excel:

Excel Basics #1: What Is Excel?– A series of Flash videos on YouTube by Mike Gel Girvin.

Motion Training Microsoft Excel Tutorials– This will take you to the first of 17 free Excel tutorials.

Microsoft Outlook:

Learn the Net: Step-by-Step: Sending Email Attachments– Learn how to attach a file to an email.

Microsoft Outlook: The How-To Geek– Free Outlook advice from a computer programmer.

Microsoft Word:

Basic Use of Microsoft Word– Tutorials written to help teachers become proficient with technology.

Free Word 2010 Tutorial at GCFLearn Free– Step by step lessons about every aspect of Microsoft Word 2010.

Telephone Etiquette:

Customer Service and Telephone Etiquette– A collection of articles with insights for giving good customer service over the phone.

Phone Skills and Telephone Etiquette Articles– Improve your phone skills with these helpful articles.

Telephone Etiquette at Work– Tips for good telephone practices at work.

Typing Skills:

Free Ten Key Number Pad Course– Eight exercises to get you 10-keying in no time.

Learn2Type– Create a free personal account to track your touch-typing success.

Sense-Lange Online Free Touch Typing Program– Learn the QWERTY standard PC keyboard or the DVORAK format.

TypingWeb– Register for free to track your progress in this set of typing tutorials.


Job Interview Preparation

Jobs and Careers

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