Keeping in Touch while Traveling

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World Geography & Culture Online (Facts on File)

  • World Atlas combines an extensive collection of more than 1,500 clear, printable, full-color original maps with a wealth of current statistical information in one interactive resource.


Cell Phones:

International Calling Technology– See this article for information on how you can skip the cell phone altogether by using Skype or its alternatives.

International Cell Phone Guide– This site gives some options on renting or buying a cheap cell phone for travel.

Mobile Phones in Europe– A travel expert explains the complexities of using a cell phone in Europe.

Slow Travel: Cell Phones in Europe– This site outlines the choices available for Americans who want to use a cell phone in Europe.

Telestial– Rent or buy an internationally capable cell phone, SIM card, or calling card.

Internet Emergencies:

Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking with VZAccess Manager– How to use web-enabled cell phones as modems for PC’s with Bluetooth capability.

How Do I Use My Blackberry as a Modem with a Mac?– This site explains how to get a Mac to connect to the internet via Blackberry.

Use Your Cell Phone as a Modem for Your PC– An overview of what it takes to link a web-enabled cell phone to a computer.

Photos on the Fly:

Eye-Fi Wireless– Get an SD card for your camera that doubles as a wireless broadcaster for your phone.

Phixr– A free online photo fixer for quick touch-ups.– Go online to fix your photos before you make them public.

Places with Free Wi-Fi:

Free Wi-Fi Spot– Directory of free internet access points.

Panera Bread– Panera also has free wifi. Use this site to find the closest location to you.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery– Find Perkins Restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. They have free wifi, and are open 24 hours in some locations.

Traveling Computers:

The Best Netbooks– An article by the business travel columnist for reviewing netbooks.

The Net(book) Effect– A CNET review of mini-laptops.

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