Internet Use Agreement

The Middletown Township Public Library offers public access to the Internet. Internet access is available to all users of the Library who agree to these conditions:

1. User recognizes that some systems may contain controversial materials including those that are offensive and disruptive to other users of the library, will use his or her own discretion in accessing such materials and comply with library staff requests to log off certain sites. Parental supervision and control are strongly advised.

2. The amount of time spent on the Internet must be shared with other users. Computer use by MTPL cardholders has precedence over non-resident or guest users, and this precedence may be implemented by varying time limits, limits in the number and location of computers available, or by other means.

A. MTPL cardholders in good standing may access the Internet free of charge for 2 hours per day plus have one guest pass per day.

B. Effective January 22, 2014, guests passes shall be free but limited to one 60 minute internet use session per day.

3. Commercial uses of the Library Internet System are prohibited.

4. Users may not upload or download programs or files to Library computer hard drives.

5. Any vandalism to the system’s components including software, hardware or data of the system shall result in disciplinary action by the Middletown Township Public Library and termination of user privilege.

6. Print cost shall be $0.25 cents per page.

7. Internet access computers in the Children’s Room are to be used by
children under the age of 12 only. An adult may use the Children’s Room computers
while supervising their child. Computers in the Teen Zone may be used by those ages 12-18 only.

8. Patrons access and use of the system may be terminated by the Middletown Township Public Library for any perceived or suspected abuse of the above provisions.