Inter-Library Loan


Inter-library loans are items borrowed from other libraries to fill requests. These items circulate for two weeks and cannot be renewed unless the owning library permits such a renewal. The process must go through the ILL librarian on staff. Fines are .50 cents per day if late. All items must be picked up and returned at the Circulation desk.

The Middletown Township Public Library will lend its materials to other libraries following the Inter-library Loan Code of the American Library Association. Middletown Library procedure will be incorporated into this policy.

1. Customers may have a maximum of five [5] inter-library loans active in process at any time. This would include any combination of requests which are waiting to be filled or materials which have arrived and are circulating or waiting to be picked up.

2. Requests for inter-library loans will be accepted only from customers in good standing, under the fines threshold.

3. Inter-library loans are subject to all restrictions placed on them by the lending library [i.e. in-house use, etc.]

4. Materials may/may not be renewed at the discretion of the lending library. Fines may accrue during the renewal process/period.

5. Inter-library loans will be held at the Circulation desk for four [4] days. The customer will be called when the materials arrive. Any items not picked up within the four day period will accrue a $5.00 service fee per item. Fees and service charges from the lending library will be attached to the customer’s record even if the materials are not picked up.

6. Any individual customer who misses three inter-library loan pickups in a six [6] month period will not be permitted to borrow through inter-library loan for a period of six [6] months thereafter. At the discretion of the Board of Trustees, further abuse of inter-library loan could result in the loss of this privilege.