Digital Video/E-books/Audio (Hoopla) Circulation Policy


Access to digital audio/video will be provided through a password-protected website and mobile app called Hoopla established by Midwest Tape. All internet connected devices are compatible with the Hoopla website. All Android and iOS mobile devices are compatible with the mobile app.

Library cardholders will have access to the full Hoopla collection of music, movies, television shows, and audiobooks. Each patron will be allowed to borrow up to 10 items per month; however, they are limited to borrowing only up to 5 items at one time. These limits may be adjusted at the Library Director’s discretion for budgeting purposes.

All items are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. All items borrowed through the Hoopla website may be streamed on a computer, tablet or smart phone, or downloaded using the mobile app. All items will expire automatically, so no fines will be assessed.

Movies and television episodes can be borrowed for 2 days. Music can be borrowed for 7 days. Audiobooks and E-books can be borrowed for 21 days. These circulation periods are determined by the vendor (Midwest Tape).

All items in the Hoopla catalog are available to borrow and use immediately. No holds are necessary for this service. Items may be returned early, but items cannot be renewed. All technical errors and questions will be handled by Midwest Tape directly through the mobile app or website.