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Health Reference Center–Facts on File

  • Facts On File’s Health Reference Center is a comprehensive encyclopedic database containing thousands of hyperlinked entries organized into four major categories: conditions and diseases, health and wellness, mental health, and body systems.It provides clear information on the causes, cures, key research, medical terms, symptoms, treatments and trends, and organizations in each field of study.


Articles & Videos about Happiness: 

18 Ways Attention Goes Wrong – An article about how paying attention relates to psychological ills.
How to Choose Happiness: Combat Decision-Making Biases – Take clinically validated tests and learn techniques for being happier.
The Neuroscience of Compassion – An excerpt from a radio interview with a psychology professor about fearful reactions.
The Science of Happiness – This site explains how happiness can make you healthier and longer-lived.
Why Are We Happy? Why Aren’t We Happy – In this video, a Harvard psychologist explains how your brain predicts what will make you happy.


Drift– You get to be a bunny frolicking in a sunny meadow hopping around balloons.

Instant Relief:
Eight Tips for Making Yourself Happier in the Next Hour– Blog post that offers tips for a quick mood makeover.
I Can Has Cheezburger? Network – Browse LOL cats, dogs, the Fail Blog, or from here.
Portable Guide to Stress Relief– Follow these suggestions from Harvard Medical School to help cope with stress.


Psychological Tests :

Authentic Happiness Questionnaire Center– This site offers nineteen surveys to measure your happiness and level of satisfaction.– Take clinically validated tests and learn techniques for being happier.
Psychology Today– Professionally developed psychological quizzes to see how happy you are with your life.