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2020 AARP TaxAide Appointment Sign Up Information




To our valued clients:

So that we may complete your 2019 tax return both accurately and efficiently, please be sure to bring the following when you come for your appointment:


  • Paper copy of your 2018 tax return – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Social Security cards for yourself and any dependents you claim, or other documents from SS Administration which show your SS Number.
  • A government-issued picture ID (such as a driver’s license)
  • Statements reflecting income in all forms, such as wages, pensions, IRA/401K distributions, social security benefits, unemployment benefits, bank interest, dividends, gambling winnings, state tax refunds
  • Statements reflecting stock or mutual fund sales, and your records from when they were purchased if not shown on brokerage statements
  • Medical/dental expense records, including prescriptions and miles driven to/from providers. Add up your individual prescriptions, doctor bills, etc.
  • Property tax, mortgage interest statements for homeowners
  • Statements showing college tuition paid, student loan interest, dependent care expenses
  • Records of charitable contributions.
  • Expense records if you have a 1099-MISC for non-employee compensation (amount in box 7), cash income from self-employment, or 1099-K
  • Your bank routing/account numbers (bring your checkbook), if you want direct deposit of your refund

Please Note: If you received unemployment compensation during 2019, New Jersey does not send you the statement we need to see. You will need to go online to NJ Dept. of Labor, using the login/password information you used to claim your benefits, to access and print your form 1099-G. Likewise, if a student attended college they may have to go online to access and print their form 1098-T (tuition statement). Some colleges do not mail these.


Download the Deduction Worksheet, and have this filled in when you come for your appointment. Even if you don’t itemize deductions on your Federal return, NJ gives everybody a deduction for medical/dental expenses greater than 2% of income.


Requirements Due to the Affordable Care Act


  • If the taxpayer, spouse, and/or any person who could be claimed as a dependent had health insurance provided through the Healthcare Marketplace/Exchange (, you will need form 1095-A (sent to you automatically by the Healthcare Marketplace/Exchange)


  • If the taxpayer, spouse, and/or any person who could be claimed as a dependent DID NOT have health insurance for the entire year, we need to know for which months the person did not have coverage.



Attention Uber/Lyft Drivers

We can do your tax return if you are prepared. You must bring your “Uber Tax Summary” or “Lyft Driver Summary” and your expense records, including your mileage log (because not all miles on the summary reports are deductible). If you come to your appointment unprepared, we will start your return, but you will have to make another appointment to complete it when you have the proper records.


Special Notice!

 On average, it takes us about an hour to do a tax return. However, some tax returns take a lot longer than that. If you have a lot of information that needs to be entered, such as statements from multiple employers, multiple pensions/IRAs, a lot of deductions or stock transactions, or something else that you feel might make your tax return very complex, please sign up for 2 consecutive time periods.


Please understand that volunteers have the option of asking you to come back for another session to finish your tax return (nothing is lost once we have entered it on the computer) if your return is taking too long and there a lot of other people waiting. Furthermore, as this free tax service is intended for people with low to moderate incomes, we reserve the option to decline to provide this service to anyone with income exceeding $100,000 during peak periods. We must do this out of fairness, to insure that all our lower-income clients are able to get appointments.

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Our Holiday hours are 9-5 on Nov. 23rd-Nov. 27th (closed on Thanksgiving). Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!