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Employment at the Library

There are currently no open positions. Thank you for your interest.

Volunteer at the Library

Volunteers are always welcomed at our library.  It’s a great way to become involved in the community.  Please fill out the volunteer application and bring it to the library next time you visit.  The staff will have a few questions to find the right placement for you and training will be arranged.

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Volunteer Contract

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What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers perform a variety of duties, but the most important, recurring ones are the physical processing of new materials to be shelf-ready, re-shelving returned materials and shelf maintenance.  These are vital jobs for the library.  Volunteers keep the system going!

Volunteers are also used to assist library staff in programs and sometimes special and seasonal projects come up. Special skills or interests are of keen interest to us- we will find a match of your talent and interest to benefit the library.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Volunteer?

There are no age restrictions, per se, but some jobs are not suitable for children and the library will work with each volunteer  to make the assignment meet the age, ability, and interest of the library. Because so many students contact the library for short term community service projects at times we have to resort to waiting lists.  For minors, a parent or guardian’s signature is required.  For younger children, parental involvement may also be necessary.

 Do I Need a Regular Schedule?

Most volunteers have a set schedule, but it’s not required.  We do appreciate it if you notify us of changes to your schedule, as it really helps library staff to know when someone can be expected, but there’s just about always something to do, so even if you’ve just got 30 minutes to come in, please do!

Do I Need Special Skills To Volunteer?

Just a positive attitude and a willingness to help!  For most volunteer jobs, you’ll use the alphabet and numbers.  Shelving does require the strength to push a book cart, and the ability to reach up and bend down.  Training is provided to familiarize you any job you’re asked to complete.

Can I Complete Court-Ordered Community Service at the Library?

Yes, arrangements can be made to help you fulfill your court-ordered service.  These requests are handled specifically at the Main Library, 732 671-3700 x311 [Administration Office]. 

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out an application!

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