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College Prep

College Prep books can be found in the Non-Fiction Section under 371 through 378.

Try the library's online resources for college prep.

You can also check the library calendar to see what college prep events are coming up.

  • A site for the detail-oriented, it has a guided search of colleges filtered by location, majors, cost and more that helps you narrow down schools to consider
  • - Thousands of students, staff and faculty share video interviews telling what they think of their schools. It's a great place for checking out the environment and culture of a college straight from the trenches instead of glossy university literature
  • - This is a no-frills website that allows you to search for potential schools. It's designed to provide bare-bones data for quick comparisons
  • - Search "college" at to find a huge selection of relevant and professionally written articles about college. This site is perfect for those who don't appreciate hand-holding
  • - An uncomplicated, simple comparison of colleges that includes size, student-teacher ratio and more. Bonus: the results can be saved so you can see them again later
  • - Good scholarship site
  • - This U.S. Department of Education database aggregates school data on degrees offered, available programs, tuition and fees, and even the percentage of applicants admitted
  • - Over 120,000 students were surveyed to narrow down the best colleges. The results rank schools by political activity, quality of life, extra-curriculars, and other factors. Registration is required, but free 

January 12th : Frozen Sing Along at 6:30 pm

Tuesdays in January: Rainbow Loom Scarf at 4:00 pm